Introduction to my new blog


Morning (From a very cold and fresh HQ at Cheltenham)

Welcome to my very first blog post. My name is Neil and owner of a delightful Wedding entertainment service provider in the Cotswolds called “The Cheltenham Wedding DJ”.

I have started this blog with the brief of sharing some ideas and thoughts with the ever expanding social media world. I have a broad range of experience not just in the Wedding industry but with events in general so I plan to discuss various aspects of what I do and also provide some free hints, tips and advice.

Thursday is also a busy day for myself, the weekend is fast approaching so last minute attention to detail for the fore coming events are always on my mind as well as attending a regular networking meeting “GIN” Naturally at this time of year everything is somewhat “manic” but I partly enjoy the madness that is the festive season. I will be leaving shortly to work on a event in London requiring drapes and a dancefloor. I will hopefully get some photos of this up later.

If there is any subject you would like to see me discuss in future blog posts please do get in touch

Warm Regards


2 Responses to “Introduction to my new blog”

  1. good luck, keep up the bloggin

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