A Day In The Life Of…….


Afternoon from a slightly confused Cheltenham (It has rained, hailed and been really sunny all in the past ten minutes).

It shall be a very brief post today and I will explain why.

Thursday (yesterday) had myself and Dan working on an event in London providing white drapes which resulted in a rather late night. Today has been no different with this morning being taken up with a dancefloor install in Coventry and shortly I shall be off to perform at an event down in Cirencester which thankfully finishes in the late evening so I can get down to London to de-rig the drapes at around about midnight. My bed shall be a welcome sight in the small hours of Saturday morning.

Christmas is always a manic period however I would be lying if I said I didn’t slightly enjoy the madness. It is always a challenge however I feel as the balance between workload and quality is spot on so very pleased about that.

Tomorrows post shall be posted in less haste as I have a Wedding in the evening so I will hopefully talk about that and how I like to approach Weddings in general.

Enjoy your weekend folks



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