Saturdays Wedding


Afternoon my peeps (From a rather bleak and wet Cheltenham).

As you may of guessed this week in particular has been rather manic so I didn’t get to blog yesterday so todays shall cover the before and after thoughts of yesterdays Wedding.

James and Sarah decided to get married at a lovely venue called the Curradine Barn in Worcestershire It is the perfect blend between the classic barn look and feel with a modern twist (For example they had arcade machines by the bar area which didn’t look out of place).

In terms of what they wanted from myself was plain and simple, the perfect ending to what would be a perfect day. I had a few pointers to their musical preferences sent to me which included Reef, Kings Of Leon, Bon Jovi and Kanye West. The only songs I wasn’t allowed to play was anything by Wham.

The evening started off with the first dance (after some 45 minutes of background music). The track chosen by the happy couple was Louie Armstrong’s “We Have All The Time In The World”. As with all my couples I do a quick introduction to the first dance and never fails to get a cheer from everyone. The photographer managed to get some great shots without interfering with James and Sarah (which can’t be said for all the photographers I’ve worked with sadly). Once the longest 3 and a half minutes of the grooms life was over I followed up with Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher and officially opened the dancefloor for all the guests.

The evening in general was very good however like any venue with the bar area removed from the function room it makes it very difficult to engage with everyone. I always like to keep an eye on what people are doing and using that to help with the song selection. Body language is brilliant for working out if the style of music I am playing is working for that moment or a clue to maybe up the tempo. I actually went into the bar area later in the evening and you could not actually hear the music and with a sound limiter installed at the barn there was nothing I could do about it. I do have a service which could of been very useful in this situation where I place two speakers in the bar area and send the signal from my setup via a transmitter to these two speakers. They each have volume control on the speakers themselves so you can turn it up or down to your liking.

Despite that the last half an hour had everyone in the barn with myself dancing to some cheese, Christmas classics and the B&G’s choosing of “New York, New York” which saw everyone finish the evening on the funky LED dancefloor. If you want the floor or any of my services then please do contact me, details are on

I did tweet some photos from the iphone during the evening so if your not following me already then please do look up “CheltenhamDJ”.


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