Ladies And Gentleman I Give You…………..


Evening from a very cold and soon to be snowy Cheltenham.

Todays post is all about the first dance, its one of the areas that my bride and grooms have had vastly different ideas about. This year has seen some varied choices from the classics to the obscure and of course the custom one I created for a couple back in October that started off with Jack Johnson and then cut into Sir Mixalot – Baby Got Back and various other party tracks. While this is not everyones cup of tea I have to say it received a positive reaction from the guests and reflexed their personality.

Not all of my couples were happy with even having a first dance, let alone performing a dance routine. In fact two couples requested that they didn’t perform a first dance which of course is a decision I respect and am happy to work with.

When you think about it, having the eyes of your friends and family looking at you dancing for 3-4 minutes does sound quite nervy, particularly for the groom.Then you got everyone taking photos of you looking potentially nervous. With this in mind here are some tips.

1. Pick a song that holds special meaning to you. Don’t worry about picking a “cool” song or even one that has been released. Remember the first time that you met?, maybe a song that was playing when you realised your partner was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

2. If your not confident about having a dance then pick a “slow” song. Most photographers will I’m sure be much happier to shoot a couple dancing slowly rather than being thrown around the room. Don’t be afraid to practice beforehand as this will build confidence and you don’t want to be “worrying” about it during your Wedding day.

3. Speak to your DJ. There are plenty of youtube videos about this going wrong however each could of been avoided. I can only speak for myself but I always have a copy of the first dance on my main playout and also on the IPAD. I have never had to use the backup but it really does give me peace of mind knowing that this is in place.

Your DJ will also need to know how you would like to be introduced. Most times I ask this question to my clients they mention they haven’t even thought about it. I would say 70% go for first name terms. Being able to give a good strong introduction to the first dance also helps gain a positive reaction from your guests from the initial round of applause and cheering to the collective “aaawwww” moment as soon as the song begins to play.

I previously mentioned the photographer and how he/she would like to shoot. Lighting plays a big part in this and so I also introduce myself to the Wedding photographer so we can have a quick chat about the lighting and anything that I can do it help set the ideal conditions. This sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise and I’ve heard a few horror stories about their previous experiences with DJs including one who refused to turn off a green laser light so each of the first dance photos had green dots all over the happy couples face.

I can see I’ve gone over my ideal word count already so will have to finish this topic at a later date but hopefully this blog post has been of benefit to you.



Cheltenham Wedding DJ

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