What on earth do I ask my DJ?


Afternoon folks

As its a popular time of year for guys to get down on one knee, pop out a ring and ask the most nerve wrecking question he will ever ask and awaiting for what will seem like a lifetime for an answer I thought I would discuss what questions you should be asking your DJ.


Firstly you will need to get the venue booked and then plan around that. Naturally using suppliers that have worked at your venue before does help to varying degrees however with entertainment it is a huge bonus. Not only keeping the venue happy with providing PLI/PAT documents, loading in the correct doors but also keeping within noise constraints.  Most venues have a limit of sorts however very few mention this, in fact your venue might even have a sound limiter which cuts the power off if the noise level exceeds the chosen limit. Without meaning to scare any of you I had two Weddings this year that this process “affected” the evening, one resulted in the evening being cut short to 11pm. I would like to stress that for years I’ve been very aware of the sound levels particularly as its a common complaint I hear about when doing Wedding fayres from potential couples who have been to a friends Wedding recently. Needless to say I refuse to perform at this venue again more for the fact they told me on the evening and hadn’t even mentioned it to their clients the bride and groom.

Thankfully I can be more positive about the rest of my post today. As I mentioned using a entertainment supplier who has performed at the venue before is a big bonus, hopefully this will also mean they are local. If your booking someone who is travelling 2+ hours away then they really should be travelling a day earlier, many things can happen such as road closures, flat tyres etc. I’ve had all sorts of panicked phone calls at 6/7pm asking if I am free because of this, so it really does happen.

Like any service, if you can find someone that comes with a personal recommendation then you should be half way there. That said most recommendations come in two categories I find, quality and price. I have no trouble in believing that you could find a “DJ” who would perform for beer tokens, or in fact someone who commands a far higher fee. Its an easy trap to fall into when booking a service you haven’t booked before to just go on price but I would urge you to consider the following.

*Have you met your DJ? Not only does this instill confidence it also allows you to gauge if you are a “good fit”. I offer a free meeting (within a reasonable travelling distance) because I want my bride and grooms to feel happy if they decide to book me. It also allows me to discuss finer details and get a feel for what their “ideal Wedding disco” to be.

*Please whatever you do, get a provider who issues a contract for your Wedding entertainment, and I’m not talking just about an email. That way you have in writing what service you are getting, at what times and the agreed price. I like to keep everything positive so I’m not going to mention what I have heard happen but its not unheard of that I get a booking a week before someones Wedding. Contracts also benefit the provider because it means if like me they are a solo operator that they can with confidence turn away enquires for the same date or if they are a multi operator then they can assign one of their DJs to your function.

*Presentation is often overlooked. I still to this day can not understand why someone would turn up in jeans and polo shirt (it happens) or can’t be bothered to tidy up a few cables here and there. I take huge pride in my work and that includes myself, and how my show is setup, for example I could be in the background for your first dance shot.

I think I will leave it there, I have mentioned the main points however I would like to stress the fact you should meet your DJ is the one thing I really wanted to push today.

Naturally if your a newly engaged couple congratulations and if you are getting married in the Cotswolds area don’t be afraid to contact me




Thanks for reading folks,




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