Learning without even realising it….


Evening folks,

I hope today finds you good spirits.

Today I wanted to share with you my experience of events. What has prompted this was a pre Christmas event for a charity. I just want to make clear here that this isn’t a “rant” of any sort and I respect the volunteers that run such events. It did get me thinking however that like most bride & grooms that they had little experience of organising such events and so I wanted to share some hints and tips.

First of all don’t forget that us humans are fairly simple creatures. We like food, booze and entertainment so its well worth budgeting a “decent” size of your post venue and dress budget on this. Entertainment is typically one of the last services to be booked and often its at this point that the budget has been exceeded some time ago and thus becomes a price based purchase despite the average performing time of four hours is not only a sizeable amount of time but also the end of what should be a perfect day. I lost count the amount of times I’ve heard people singing the last song of the evening while I’m packing down half an hour later.

Photography is another area that I have seen been skipped out on. Cameras have dropped in price over recent years and this has seen a massive increase in “photographers”, some good and some bad. Its easy to think that it is all about the camera. I will admit now a few years ago I offered “event photography” with my old roadie taking snaps and this was quickly withdrawn. Its from this I understand that the art and skill of a good photograph is not the camera but the person behind it. Knowing the right settings at the right time will make the difference between capturing the moment and getting a blurry mess of faces and arms. With so many brides and grooms mentioning how quickly the day goes by wouldn’t some nice photos be really useful?

Finally its important to have some sort of plan for the day, and plan for each event to overrun. Wedding planners are of course worth their weight in gold because not only do they keep everything running smoothly but they can keep an eye on the time. For example if you are wanting group shots outside during the room turnaround you need someone “neutral” to get everyone into position.I have had Weddings that I haven’t started until 10.30pm because of various parts of the day overrunning.  If you are going without a planner then I suggest assigning duties to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

There is a saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Those countless horror Wedding videos on youtube, the band I was playing with recently who turned up without half their equipment could of all been prevented with planning.

Happy planning folks.








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