Welcome, 2013


Hi everyone!

Happy new year everyone, hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time off over the festive season.

Seeing as we are starting a new year I thought I would take the time today to talk about retro theme ideas that we can help with, particularly if your thinking 70’s or 80’s.

Being a huge fan of 70’s disco I was over the moon with one of my couples last year when they said in the meeting that they wanted just disco and funky house all night and had Beegees “More Than A Woman” as their first dance which is one of my personal favourite songs. For this we also swapped out our usual lighting and went with just a disco ball which really helped with the theme and is a very cost effective solution to anyone wanting a retro look to their evenings entertainment.

If your thinking of an 80s theme then we have a few more options to offer our clients. We have the LED night fever dancefloor which personally I think looks really cool when used in the right environment. We can also provide the old fashioned lightscreens as a frontage if you really wanted to push the boat out on this. I will admit they aren’t to everyones taste. We can also provide UV lights as well which works well with a neon theme or when guests have used good quality body paint. If you have a particular favourite tv show or “icon” from your chosen years then we can project images at your event.

These are just a few ideas to get you guys started but if you have any of your own then please do share them with me.


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