Chatty Man?


Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well, sorry I’ve not posted for a few weeks however its been pretty busy here with the influx of enquiries for 2013/14.

Today I just wanted to throw some thoughts down onto virtual paper regarding the use of the microphone while performing. When talking with clients/couples one common question is about microphone usage and their desire for the DJ to steer clear of the stereotypical type chat and things like introducing a song, giving some information about the record label and how long it was in the charts blah blah blah.

For myself the amount I use the microphone really does depend on what is happening during the evening. If everything is going along “well” then I have little need to “chat” other than to announce things like the buffet being ready, the first dance and of course the grand finale.

That said at some events I have a sense that while the evening is going “ok” but I could do with attracting a few more “chair dancers” onto the floor. One way to do this is to use the microphone to say something along the lines of “hi guys, don’t forget you’re more than welcome to make requests this evening we want to see you all on the dancefloor”. The idea is to get the across the fact guests can request but also to remind them that there is a DJ not a juke box present and to make myself appear approachable.

Having been a moderator on a DJ forum for a while I’ve seen time and time again DJs who say “I let the music do the talking for me” which actually translates into “I’m too shy to use a microphone or have no idea how to use it”. It is important to have confidence when using a microphone as this will translate into the message you are broadcasting to your party guests. I actually think most of the time it doesn’t matter what you say, its how you say it.

Thats all from me today folks, hope you’ve enjoyed todays blog 🙂


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