Can we see our DJ perform before booking?


Hi guys,

Sorry its been awhile since my last post, a combination of wedding season (yes its starts earlier and earlier each year) a cheeky few days away at the parents and snowboarding has resulted in me missing my Wednesday blog posting sessions.

Today I wanted to quickly address a question I get asked fairly often by potential brides & grooms which is as you may of guessed already “can we come to see you perform?”.

For myself and I would guess most other DJs pretty much of all their work are private events such as weddings, birthdays etc… which means it would be rather unprofessional to bring a couple of strangers along to what might be a very private and intimate event. I would also say as a DJ it would worry me that this potential couple might come along for 5 minutes early on in the evening when we might be at the stage everyone has just eaten while expecting to see everyone dancing like lunatics.

We then also have the issue of music policies, for example the potential couple might be looking for a heavy influence of soul and motown for their evening music while the couple who I’m working for on that evening might of asked for tons of rock and indie. The worry would naturally be that the potential couple think I don’t personally play any of their preferred genre of music while the reality is I’m very reactive to what is happening in front of me and playing to the guests tastes rather than me pitching up each week and playing the same songs in the same order.

That being said I totally understand why I get asked this question and I’m very keen to help explain why I say it’s not possible, however a quick sit down together and a discussion of the music can pretty much help you decide if feel me (or your potential DJ) has the required knowledge of your preferred genre of music.

I have been very lucky recently in the fact a fantastic videographer was booked all day (and evening) who has very kindly put together a video of me performing in the evening. This is what I’ll be showing to my clients who do ask me this questions in future 🙂

Videographer is Adam Huckle who of course I highly recommend!


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