Prom time!


Proms are something that I remember seeing in tons of movies during the late 90s boom of “teen flicks” where american high school students would put their glad rags on, head over to the school and dance the night away to a themed event.

Now in 2013 proms have certainly made their way into the expectations of most 16/18 year old education student and on the 24th of May we got to work on a fantastic event for the Broadlands Academy for their year 11 prom.

When we arrived we were greeted by Steph from who had already made a start on transforming the plain and simple sports hall into a James Bond themed staging area.



Now it was time for us to work our magic. The students of the school would know this hall as where they had to endure all those P.E lessons through the years, well we needed to totally transform the room so this is how we went about it.

Firstly we installed ten uplighters around the room set to blue to help give some ambient lighting. Then we sent about installing the DJ stage area with disco, haze, starcloth backdrop and also three moving heads (one to project the 007 logo on the back wall). This would be projected alongside the film “skyfall” being played next to it just above the LED bar area.

The one service we were excited about for this event however was the LED cubes we have recently invested in. Throughout the event I had noticed it became very much a conversational piece as much as a chill out area.

The three hours of performing simply flew by and before we knew it the end was upon us. Very exciting event to have been part of and certainly something we hope to be involved in again. I’ll leave you with some sneaky snaps of the services in action.



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Our services can be booked through

Sweet buffet and event management was provided by Steph at

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