The First Dance


In a day of formalities the first dance is quite often the last (and most feared) of your big day. I know from experience that some couples dread the thought of having the watchful eyes of their friends and family focused on them for the longest four minutes of their life. 

Well folks, it doesn’t need to be this way. With some proactive thought and discussion this can be overcome quite easily and this is coming from a guy with two left feet. 

First and foremost if you are worried about the first dance then I’d strongly suggest discussing your concerns with your DJ. As an experience wedding DJ myself I have catered for shy couples as well as ones that enjoy the limelight. Having this experience means I can offer advice based on similar couples and hopefully provide a solution that ensures piece of mind.

The song choice should ideally be a song that means something to you. Don’t worry about choosing something that nobody else might of heard before, it’s important that it means something to the two of you. If you have several options then I’d suggest practising your first dance to ensure the song tempo suits the time of dancing you wish to do on your wedding day. 

Once we have a song choice then we can discuss the length of your dance. If your photographer is booked up to the first dance then I’d suggest at least 90 seconds of dancing to ensure they can get the perfect shot which will the last picture in your wedding album. I also discuss with your photographer the time scale, lighting and even the positioning of your guests. If no photographer is booked then the first dance can be as long as you like. The easiest way to chop the first dance length down is to invite other couples onto the dancefloor so you can continue to enjoy your first dance without being the focus of attention.

I also find a good solid introduction can help wonders as well. I like to announce the first dance is taking place shortly around three to five minutes prior to allow everyone to come into the room and take their position. If you’re having a summer wedding then I’d grab the usher or bridesmaid to go round everyone up. Once we are ready then announcing the first dance in a way that gets everyone chapping and cheering can also be a huge confidence boost as well.

These are just a few nuggets of information that I can provide as each first dance is always different to the last. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch either on here or directly at


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